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Home Additions & Remodeling

Is your family growing? Are you quickly running out of living space inside your current home? Does the prospect of having to relocate stress you out?
Fortunately, building a room addition is typically cheaper than buying a new home that would be comparable to your existing home with an addition.

Home Remodeling and Renovations in the Greater Cleveland Area

The Greater Cleveland area has many fantastic well-established neighborhoods. Moving would mean you’d be leaving the many things that you value and love that made you choose your home in the first place. Considerations include things such as your neighborhood, great neighbors, schools, houses of worship and the like. Then there is going through the tedious and stressful process of finding a new home and still further selling your current home.

Home additions or remodeling are a great way to remain in your present home and the neighborhood you enjoy and love while creating the larger home that your growing family’s needs demand.


Types of Home Additions


These home additions can come in many forms including but not limited to the following:

  • Upper Story Additions
  • Family/Gathering Room
  • Room Expansions (Master Suites, Kitchens, Bathrooms)
  • In-Law Suites
  • Garages

If you have a design idea feel free to contact us to discuss your idea. We listen to your needs!

Upper Story Additions

Depending on the situation, building a second or third story addition can sometimes be less expensive than building an extension out, since there is no need for foundation building. This also helps you preserve precious yard space and existing landscaping.

Upper story home additions are usually bedroom and bathroom additions but can also include guest rooms, home offices, and nurseries.

Homeowners with expanding families have the most to gain by building a second story addition. These additions can add bedrooms and at least one full bathroom to the home. A new attic can increase storage or living space, freeing up space in the main living area.

An upper story addition can also be used for a home office to provide a quiet and secluded area from which a homeowner can work. All of these solutions add value to your home as well.

Sunroom Additions

A sunroom is an enclosed porch or patio specifically built to let sunlight and air into your home. Sunroom additions can be built off an existing exterior wall.

Sunrooms can have large floor-to-ceiling windows to provide homeowners with an unobstructed outdoor view. They are often used as bonus relaxation rooms. A sunroom addition can also be used as an extended living room.

Whether you choose a three or four season sunroom, it is a great option to increase living space while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Family/Gathering Room

More informal than a living room, the family room often serves as a multipurpose space. A family room can provide abundant space for living and can include many amenities such as a fireplace, skylights, a built-in entertainment center or a wet bar. They are a great way to add room for your family to relax.

Typically adjacent to the kitchen and, in some cases, a part of the kitchen itself, family room additions can be built on the exterior wall of your home and can even be designed to extend your current family room. Family rooms often feature a door that leads directly into the garden or backyard, porch or terrace, etc.

Room Expansions

If your current rooms don’t meet your family’s present lifestyle needs, expanding out the room is another possibility to consider.

Room extensions can be done either by removing existing interior walls or by attaching the extension to your existing exterior wall.

Popular choices for room expansion include:

Kitchen Expansions

A kitchen expansion can add the necessary room to provide room to completely remodel an otherwise small kitchen and to provide additional working area.

Bathroom Expansions

A bathroom expansion can provide the necessary space to have double vanities, separate bath and shower areas, and or an enlarged tub. It can also be used to create the master bath of your dreams or even a guest bath added to an existing guest room.

Master Suites

Expanding a current master bedroom can provide homeowners with the needed room to provide additional closet space, enlarge the master bath, and/or provide supplementary room for a sitting area or a reading nook.


Smaller rooms can be extended with a “bump out”‘ to expand a breakfast nook, an existing bath to provide more room, or a laundry/ mudroom to make a smaller space usable. These ‘micro-additions’ can also provide an area of privacy for homeowners by allowing a sheltered area where the bump out is placed.

In-Law Suites

In-law suites can be built onto any portion of your home and can be built to include amenities such as a kitchenette, living room, master bedroom, closets and a bathroom. In-law suites can also be built with accessibility in mind to provide ease of access for the resident.

Building an ADA compliant Mother-In-Law suite is a great way to have your elderly loved ones close by, without limiting their independence.

Garage Additions

Garage additions can be made to replace an existing garage, or add a place to store vehicles and other items in a home that otherwise doesn’t have a garage. Typically, garages are built adjacent to the house using an existing exterior wall but can also be built as a separate building of its own.

Garage additions can include adding a room above your existing garage. This area can be used for additional living areas such as a bedroom, home office, recreation room, or a personalized home theater.

Other options include converting your existing garage into a usable living area can be an economical way to gain additional living space or adding a dormer to an existing room over the garage can add valuable space to an already cramped area.


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