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Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom Awaits

We all know that bathrooms are not just for ‘doing your business’. They are your private sanctuary before you take on the day and your refuge to relax and unwind at the end of it.

Is your current bathroom not the retreat that you dream of after a long day at work? Is there not enough room for you and your spouse to get ready in the mornings? Think it is time for a bathroom remodel?

Sema Builders can replace your dated or damaged bathroom with a new and stylish space that will be a haven within your home.

The Reasons Are Many

There are many reasons for wanting to remodel an existing bath and many ways to go about it. Just like their kitchens, a bathroom is an area of the house that homeowners can use to express themselves and their tastes. From the selection of fixtures to flooring, a bathroom speaks volumes about the homeowner.

Transform Your Bathroom Today!

Sema Builders can turn your existing bath into a place of luxury and relaxation. Combining function and style where you’ll never want to leave. Our experience and attention to detail can transform your bath into a spa retreat that you can enjoy for plenty of time to come.

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The Evolution of Bathrooms

Both bathtubs and showers have evolved greatly over the years.  There are many subtle upgrades that can enhance your bathroom.  New overhead or wall-mounted shower heads are becoming very popular. However, it doesn’t have to stop there.  

Since bathrooms are something that you use every day, many homeowners do not have a problem investing in and upgrading to some of the more luxurious design options. Including; heated tile floors, towel warmers, smart toilets, rain bars, multiple jet body sprayers, or steam showers.

Spa Experience From Home

It is now possible to enjoy a truly luxurious spa experience right from your own home. Imagine relaxing after a long day in your very own steam shower. How about taking a soothing soak in your own whirlpool bathtub. In some higher-end bathroom remodels, must-have options are tubs that offer chroma-therapy. This is where lights change the color of the water to suit a mood. Another option is aromatherapy, which dispenses a variety of scents, adding to your bathing enjoyment.

Custom Tile Work

Aside from quality plumbing and amenities, one of the main ingredients in a successful bathroom remodel is its superior tile work. Creative design and custom tile work can add a beautifully visual dimension to your newly remodeled bathroom. We often use frameless glass shower doors, so the tile work inside the shower can be on display. We take pride in our attention to detail and are dedicated to creating the ultimate remodeling experience.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors you can Trust

As professional bathroom remodeling contractors, Sema Builders can design and build anything from a powder room to a lavish whirlpool spa.

We’ll tear out the old fixtures and flooring, dispose of the debris, evaluate the infrastructure, and update your plumbing and electrical systems to accommodate your new installations. We’ll obtain permits and meet with inspectors as new items are added.

As full-time professionals, we’ll be able to oversee a smooth transition from old to new. We’ll put the final touches to make sure you’re satisfied with our work 100%.

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